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About Us

It began on our farm in North Carolina. The farm was called High Cockalorum, because it was on top of a mountain, and we had over 100 birds of various breeds, some rare. We are Gene Eu and John Barlow, and we manage everything as partners, our skills complementing each other nicely. Gene started the farm outside of Asheville, North Carolina as a rare breed conservancy, raising dual and triple-purpose goats and sheep, poultry and waterfowl, and the cats and special Bell Griffin dogs that help us take care of it all. The dogs did a fantastic job of guarding the animals as a team, allowing the birds to free range across the property and forage for food. This freedom to forage facilitates a diverse and protein rich diet, which produces a superior egg with a rich orange yolk. Everything we do revolves around sustainability and Permaculture, fostering a lifestyle that embraces the symbiotic relationship between us, the animals and the land.

We have recently relocated to Malaysia, and are continuing the Bell Griffin program here. We moved our entire pack of dogs halfway around the world, to take advantage of some incredible opportunities in Southeast Asia. We are now living with the Bell Griffins on a stunning orchard in the lush tropical forests outside of Bentong, about 45 minutes outside of Kuala Lumpur.

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Gene Eu is an artist, sustainability activist, and the founder of High Cockalorum Farm. After growing up in Malaysia, he went to college in California where he took up residence for over a decade. Following his evolving dream of living immersed within nature surrounded by happy animals, he moved to North Carolina and began life as a farmer. Gene is also the creator of Pamplemosses, a sustainable bamboo fiber apparel company.

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John Barlow is a visual artist, fitness enthusiast and general problem solver. His artistic passions are filmmaking, editing, photography and digital design, and his philosophical passions are sustainability and equality. After living in Los Angeles for 13 years after film school, John moved to Gene's farm in North Carolina to reconnect with nature and help manage the bamboo apparel company Pamplemosses, and the farm. He fell in love with the dogs, and his life was changed forever.